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A Revelation About Revelation

A Revelation About Revelation What if the Bible has been tampered with down through time? What if much of what you learned in church isn't even accurate?

Join the author of this new book, A Revelation about Revelation, to explore the mesmerizing possibility of that very theory.

This gritty new version of the most puzzling book of the Bible is the result of thirteen years of painstaking research. What evidence does she use to support the theory?

Why, the Bible!!

Jane Humphreys is a Registered Nurse and a lifelong Christian. She has learned her street wise perspective while working many years in the St. Louis Public Schools with youth of all religions and cultural backgrounds.

This book will set your mind at ease like no other interpretation of Revelation.

You'll never look at the end times the same way again! And, you'll be glad!

So, rejoice! And feel free to think freely!

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