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The Monoberry Bush and the Multiberry Tree

The Monoberry Bush and the Multiberry Tree Imagine being able to stop a fight before it ever starts! Now, imagine having a book to teach that very concept on the level of a preschooler! Well, now you can! You CAN teach a child to respect all others, no matter how different they may be. Peace begins with tolerance of diversity. This understanding can start during the formative years - the most magical time of all!

Welcome to the world of THE MONOBERRY BUSH AND THE MULTIBERRY TREE! This book will show you a unique point of view, seen through the eyes of plants that just happen to act a lot like people...

Jane A. Humphreys is a Registered Nurse that has learned her streetwise perspective while working for many years in the St. Louis Public Schools.

Included in this book, is an activity, and a simple read through format with questions for discussion. Anyone can teach it. This book will practically teach itself! And, repetitious reading of the rhyming lyrics will enlighten children for life.

So, join the author, to discover a new hope for peace in the world - and for plants everywhere!

So, read... and teach!

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